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a knuckle dragging American chav who has NO talent but loads of sperm who should be wiped off the planet for teh benefit of all of the country!
K-Fed is a total fucking scum bag faggot!
by Innit? McGuinness July 13, 2006

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Scottish slang term for cocaine. Found prominently in the book "Filth" by Irvine Welsh.
I snorted a gram of posh last night.
by Innit? McGuinness July 17, 2006

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bitter arse rapists who dont win shit and cry about it all day long. So pathetic they GAVE THEMSELVES the nickname of the PEOPLES CLUB to make it seem like they had any relevance whatsoever!!!
if I see an evertonian walking down the street I make sure I give clip round the ear and a boot to the testicles! CHAV WANKER!
by Innit? McGuinness June 01, 2006

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the biggest fucking sluts on the planet!
Danish girls act like they are "sexually liberated" but they are really just dirty fucking sluts who love cocks in their asses!
by Innit? McGuinness June 28, 2006

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