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A hardcore sidescrolling action game developed by "Epic Megagames", known today as "Epic Games".
Me: Hell yeah, I'ma have a game of Jill of the Jungle while I wait for the bus. This is quality shit.
by Indyroo October 03, 2009
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A DOS emulator which, as you may have already guessed, emulates the original DOS environment.

It plays just about any DOS game you can throw at it.

Only for oldschool people.. you pussy ass "new gen" of gamers should fuck off..now..
Me: "I just fired up BLOOD in DosBox, it's playing it SWEET!"

New Gen Noob gamer: "wtf is teh BL00d?"

Me: "Before you ask what BLOOD is, you should ask what DosBox is, go back to counter-strike you pussy noob before you shit your pants."
by Indyroo May 13, 2009
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