3 definitions by Incest McButtfuck

The year after the 2 shittiest years in history
Hopefully 2018 won’t suck like the last 2 years
by Incest McButtfuck January 30, 2018
1: A vagina that sags.

2: A vagina that has been fucked so much that it resembles an Arby’s roast beef sandwich.
Bruh, my girlfriend gotta saggy vagina.
by Incest McButtfuck December 18, 2017
Some old guy at our school who likes to talk about how we’re all gonna be failures at life
His other most notorious act is putting the entire 8th grade in detention
Mr Blades: you’re all gonna be failures in life
(Nolan proceeds to flip off Mr Blades)
by Incest McButtfuck November 28, 2017