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There are two adversary forms of humans which are the Fucked Up Human and the Real Up Human. To scale from one or the other, all humans fall somewhere in line by every action that a human makes -- even each and every last keystroke being done.
Well be real up ya all humans... ok?
by In the Mindway May 01, 2005

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A fucked up human is one who applies a simple one dementional binary scale onto regarding itself as valid and thus disregardig all other humans as invalid. In that unyeilded inbalace -- all word forms deriving from the prefix of "dis" is acheived. disrespect, disregard, dysfuction, Disruption etc... Soley from this dysfunctional imblance, it would have to fail. So additional continuous highly sklled efforts to manipulte their truth and trust is employed. These are done in basically only two ways. (1) to express, imply, or provide facts adversely in reverse binary logic.
(2) force feeding non-existing general termed facts into the voids that others generally reason ok not to question, prove, or disprove and thus accept. In mere learned behavor and habit the fucked up ways are continuously done and the fool is fooled over and over.

See also: Real Up Human
John is a fucked up human who must always lie and deceive everyone he meets to acheive, hide, and maintain his fucked up existance.
by In the Mindway April 30, 2005

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A Real Up Human strongly has at his or her core foundation --- Only real truth and real honesty are reliable strongholds that we must choose for ourselves to build our life upon. Forging forward in time, the core of real up humans makes aspirations to truthfully define our reality in every moment to moment we exist. First for each one human of themself and then effortlessly outward onto all others around. For all of the paths that real up humans walk, it is that walk of talk of real truth. That truth bearing our existance -- fullment -- purpose -- happiness -- in everything that was, is, or will be for real up humans. Completed work realities made whole, effortlessly done. In that whole it could never ever be gone.
I take the whatever time is needed to be a real up human to those I call friend -- and in kind return seals that friendship to me for that may be the one I most need in my final end.
by In the Mindway April 30, 2005

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deleted + listed = delisted

When something that was once publically listed in some form as currently active and available (such as a site URL) but no longer given in the same current public list today but still remains currently active and available as it was originally created. For it is now excluded from the current list and censored for whatever reason.

Applying this true formed definition forward also includes anything that is newly created which was never before listed but is excluded from listing under the same censored (consideration) policy.

True English forms: de-list de-listed
In Late 2001, Yahoo Groups decided to delist several adult oriented e-mail subscription groups for which they remain delisted today.

Even if adult oriented materials are flagged and desired, these current active Yahoo groups are not provided in search results of the available Yahoo groups search -- when they used to be and now are delisted.

Several "user supported" off-site listings of these active Yahoo groups with the correct URLs for the group home page and subscription email addresses of course followed.

History: "Yahoo Groups" took over "egroups" which took over "onelist".

No longer single listed, huh? It now has delisted groups from once was the onelist concept.

Delisting does not only apply to Yahoo Groups specifically...
by In The Mindway May 18, 2005

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whatever + time = whatever-time

The total value of your effort and time that is wasted included with whatever means that was used up or given out to someone else under dis. (disrespect, disregard, dishonest, etc). This continues without your awareness from something like a talk to the hand so you remain unaware and they can come back for whatever from you again - over and over. You just give it up frivously until you become aware of the dis or you expire/die -- thus whatever-expires.
That fucking user trash!!!!!! The whatever-time is the house, the car, and last 2 fucking years of my life!
by In the Mindway May 01, 2005

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it is + was = itswas

A forecasting verb to express a time frame of a cited event that happened in the past, present, and is now an example for the future.

For the reason(s) that made the event happen in the first place still remains and may more likely happen again.
There currently are no solutions in place for itswas happening every single day.
by In The Mindway May 18, 2005

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When one finally becomes aware of whatever-time to stop it (perferred) or when whatever-time stops the one. (unconditional default)
The whatever-expires right now -- Get out of my life!
by In the Mindway May 01, 2005

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