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Kylie is usually short for Kylea. Kylie is the type of girl that is shy at first, then turns out to be crazy. Good crazy though. She has that stunning smile and charming laugh that everyone loves. She's always there for her best friend and always will be. She can be stubborn at times. Shes a great girlfriend. When her boyfriend and her hangout, she feels butterflies. Shes never cheated on someone in her life. She loves to hide things from her parents. She doesn't care about something someone says. Unless its about her best friend. Then she'll act like a total bitch. She usually has blonde hair and blue eyes that no one can resist. She has a great figure that no one can compare to. She loves hee family and friends. If she's a new girl at a school, everyone wants to get to know her. She also gives everyone that passes her that "look" but once you get to know her, you'll know why. She hides her problems and sadness behind her shyness. Just get to know her and you'll find out how great she is. She's like an angel that was sent down from heaven. If you have a Kylie in your life, keep her close. She's one of a kind.
Boy 1: Who's that new girl?
Boy 2: Oh, that's Kylea. People call her Kylie.

Boy 1: God, she's gorgeous. Is she dating anyone?
Boy 2: Yeah. She is.
Boy 1: I can see why. She's an angel.
by Imperfect September 15, 2013

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