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The study of historians throwing shade upon one another's historical theories. Most often the practice involves debating the definition of words in such meticulous detail as to render the historian friendless. The practice is the most commonly cited reason for historian on historian violence.
Matt Fitzpatrick: How did the student die?
Officer: He lost the will to live after studying historiography for more then one semester.
by IlivefortheDnotfortheC September 26, 2019
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Swan plant he is the activity of visiting earth as a God in Swan form and having intercourse with whoever you come upon.
Friend: I didn’t know you were pregnant, lady: yea, swan play. . . You know?
by IlivefortheDnotfortheC November 22, 2020
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Erin Sebo: The Old English translations you must do to pass this course are very easy.
by IlivefortheDnotfortheC August 15, 2021
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