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absolutely stunning. short but fiesty. gorgeous blonde hair. sarcastic. loves to have fun. guys pretty much worship at her feet. mega thin. easy to get lost in her eyes. soft skin. typically short. best kisser you'll ever get. insanely good taste in music. if you're friends with a rachael, you're one of the luckiest people in the world. if i were you i'd do my best to get close to her and never let her go.
guy: so i heard you're hanging with rachael later.
other guy: yeaa.
guy: damn you're so lucky! when you're done can i have her?
other guy: no way she's all mine. ;)
by ihateyourface February 02, 2010

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A dick move used by assholes in Gran Turismo who can't drive. They bump you in a corner and then slide right by.
Ass hat; "Watch me run the bump and slide on this fuck.."

You: "Fucking dick...."

Ass hat: "I win"
by Ihateyourface December 12, 2012

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