3 definitions by Idlehands

To (attempt to) retrade a deal at the last minute or drop a bomb during final negotiations.
Wow, you got atha'd at the worst time. What a shocker!
by Idlehands September 15, 2018
A bastardised Christian version of the original Irish Pagan/Celtic harvest festival, All Hallows Eve. A celebration where it was believed that supernatural forces were at their strongest so people would dress up in ghoulish costumes and parade around to scare off the the spirits of the dead.
I dress up for halloween but I have nfi why.
by Idlehands November 1, 2004
Something that is costs nothing in the monetary sense. Used to differentiate from something classified as 'free' that has restrictions or fine print attached to it eg. freedom of speech or software licences
The beer at a party was free but I paid for it in the morning
by Idlehands September 21, 2004