10 definitions by Identity Crisis

a sexy chick usually spanish and incredibly thin!
hey did u see that marshmallow hanging out with that gorgeous rock star??
by Identity Crisis July 12, 2003
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Something refering to giving all you've got. Often quoted in Halo. Simular to unleash the fury.
by Identity Crisis March 19, 2004
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someone who swerves recklessly off of a dirt road into a stranger's yard and runs over 2 porcelain chickens then stomps gas and gets the hell out of there. Don't ask. It actually happened.
by Identity Crisis May 07, 2003
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the best GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

It is the best game to blow things up and then hop in an extremely powerful suv, with a huge turret on it, destroy your friends, and anxiously wait for its sequel!!!!!
I love Halo.
I can't wait 'til halo 2 comes out!
by Identity Crisis March 16, 2004
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