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Coventry, a large town located in Rhode Island filled with nothing but fast food restaurants, walmart, cvs, and a super stop and shop. The majority of coventry kids attend coventry high school, a recently renovated disgusting building which is filled with trailer park trash, hippies,ghetto thug wannabes, and the group of upper middle class kids who think they own the ground everyone walks on. Since there is so much to do in this town, (sense the sarcasm), everyone of those groups just named also qualify for the pothead group. Parties are usually located at Carbunkle, or at a random house in western with a woodsie backyard (although that statement pertains to almost every house in "c-town") Those kids who live in coventry but have attended a private school, they are the kids you used to be friends with, until they became better than you. The only time you will see these kids is at a dance, or when they are looking for one of the CHS keggers in the woods. If you live in coventry, your friends are in coventry.. no where else, people who live here dont get out much... unless ur lookin to pull a hey buddy at an out of town liquor store.
out of towner,"Oh, your from the sticks"
coventry res.,"ha, Yeah, why?"
out of towner,"What is there do there, i hear u guys go cow tipping..."
by IceSk8er September 07, 2005

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