3 definitions by IM SO GAY OMFG

The amazing people my dad hates with a burning passion
Person 1: "Hey im a trans people"

Person 2: "YOOOOO SAME!!!"
by IM SO GAY OMFG November 3, 2022
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fjefpojwfjwrpgwrjfrwfjorwjofjorfjeorjfprwjpofrjpoerorjgirjkvnrknfrjfirjfi is the word typed in every fucking hacker man movie ever
*Jeremy typed* "fjefpojwfjwrpgwrjfrwfjorwjofjorfjeorjfprwjpofrjpoerorjgirjkvnrknfrjfirjfi"
by IM SO GAY OMFG November 7, 2022
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