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The scam of the railroad world, you should avoid foamers at all cost. Named by the fact that some foam at the mouth upon seeing a train.
Railfan 1: fucken foamers, there blocking the view of the tracks!
Railfan 2: can't even see the train itself ffs
by ILikeAlcos March 22, 2022
Founded in 1947, over there almost there 50 year history (1991 they shut down the plant and now only sell truck parts), Pacific made some of the most badass and tough trucks to exist. Most of their trucks were marketed towards offroad and heavy hauling. Most saw service in British Columbia (as they were headquartered in Vancouver)as logging trucks, where they would be seen sometimes hauling logs 10x the size of the trucks (these trucks were bigger then normal highway trucks, so these logs were thicc). Pacifics trucks were built to last, and the majority of the trucks they produced (as of 2008) are still running. Plans are in the works to restart pacifics factory, as orders are still coming in for trucks which only weakness was a large turning circle, being horribly slow, and needing a little inertia to get running. Besides those, nothing could stop these trucks. Not even nature (as these trucks would pollute so much they would stop nature instead).
Ex 1: Damn, I miss Pacific Truck & Trailer
Ex 2: Pacific Truck & Trailer was a legendary company
Ex 3: Pacific trucks are cool as hell
by ILikeAlcos March 22, 2022
Truck company that makes badass, tough and sexy trucks (pacific takes number one spot)
Ex 1: I've always wanted to drive a western star
Ex 2: damn, western stars are badass
by ILikeAlcos March 22, 2022
An American locomotive works founded in 1901 by mixing 8 independent locomotive works together (kinda like conrail, except that's railroads). Made badass and sexy locomotives e.x the Big boy class, C-630m and RS-3.
Defunct in 1969 due to bankruptcy.
Railfan: Alcos may be clunkers and not so reliable, but that's what makes them loveable.
by ILikeAlcos March 22, 2022
The superior mode of transportation. Trucks only damage roads and make them worse, if we invest in proper train infrastructure, then we can have a perfectly functioning transportation. Look at Switzerland, for example. They have laws which force warehouses to have direct rail access, and because of this, trucks are a rare sight in Switzerland, jointly Because of the state rail network and the law I just mentioned. Private railroads avoid cooperation with warehouses Because they have interests elsewhere. If you like at some shorelines which mainly serve warehouses and industrial districts, you can see the lack of trucks and how the roads are in much better condition. And the same thing with buses. They clog up traffic and are completely useless long distance. Cities which have passenger rail networks or something along those lines have less traffic and less cars. Trucks are good for city travel, but for long distance, trains all the way.
by ILikeAlcos March 22, 2022