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An increasingly rare sub-species of human being. Sadly, most were killed off over the past few decades due to the introduction of a number of competitive species (bitches, hoes, etc.). Numbers have also been greatly reduced by race contamination, sexually transmitted diseases, and suicide due to mistreatment.
Proper ladies are expected to die out by 2065. What a sad ending to a noble story.

I want a proper lady in my life, but I only have bitches and lezzies.
by IHateYouAll May 27, 2012

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1. A large knife, whether folding or otherwise

2. Knife procured in order to pierce through police body armor. Double meaning, considering a relatively large knife is required to cut through Kevlar and still be effective, as well as the common derogatory nickname of "pig" being applied to police officers.
1. "I got a new cold steel ti-lite, it's the nicest pig sticker I own."


Loser1: "I hope this pig sticker leaves the popo with something to remember me by."

Loser2: "yeah nigga"
by IHateYouAll May 27, 2012

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Used to describe something that is interesting, but lacks any suitable labels. Usually said in a tongue-in-cheek way, when one is overwhelmed with the tackiness or horrible-ness of a performance.
Companion: "I don't know what to make of the school play last night... I wish I could say it was good..."

Me: "It was a miscellaneous entertainment event."
by IHateYouAll May 27, 2012

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Are you a complete idiot? Is your IQ that of a retarded turkey? This is the school for you. The campus is gorgeous, however it is full of the stupidest people you will ever meet. They let anyone in, so don't feel proud. You might make something of yourself after graduating from here, maybe. If you do, Im sure your parents bought your "success." If you are smart enough to recite the alphabet, than you are too smart to attend this school for retarded dumb asses.
Person 1 : What's Lynn University?
Person 2: The school for the stupidest kids in america

Friend: I got into Lynn dude!

Me: Congratz, you are the stupidest person I know.
by IHateyouall July 23, 2014

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