Your'e mum is an ass

your mum has such a great ass !!!!!
Your life is a double meaning if you think hard enough
by spynx June 21, 2021
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When someone is rude and/or mean to someone else, not once, but twice in a row.
Alex- Your artwork sucks. And your cookies are as bad as a man period.

by Catbasket November 6, 2010
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a word that doesn't just have a double meaning, but can be used in a manner that could be totally opposite of what the word typically conveys.
Nicole is such a princess

Aww cute nickname, you really love her don't you man

Fuck No! I mean she's entitled and a spoiled brat.

Oh wow lol, guess princess has a double opposite meaning
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When you're playing Card Jitsu in Club Penguin and your opponent's penguin is purple and also has a purple belt. It is an incredibly dangerous combination, and you will most likely lose your match if your opponent is sporting this look.
Person 1: Dang man, she just got a purple belt, and changed her colour to purple.
Person 2: You know how the saying goes dawg... Double Purple Means Trouble!
by clubpenguinkid101 April 13, 2020
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