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What you say when someone actually tried walking your pet goldfish
by IGotResearch <3 May 27, 2023
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The three weekdays;
Me: "Man WTF has gone by too fast."
Friend: "what?"
Me: "Wednesday, Thursday, Friday :D"
Friend: "... you dumbass"
by IGotResearch <3 July 9, 2022
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seriously, if you don't get it just don't laugh.
Josh: "*says the worst joke ever*"
Josh: ":( if you don't get the reference, just don't laugh..."
by IGotResearch <3 July 9, 2022
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Government drones from Germany used to spy on people to start another uprising in WW3.
No seriously,
B) We
I) Are
R) Watching

D) You
"I just saw a bird stare into my window."
"oh that's just the German government watching you :)"
by IGotResearch <3 April 7, 2022
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A forgotten "flash game" that is wayyyyyy better than just a game. It's a badass metal/rock music making software that you can post on the Newgrounds website or on YouTube.
There are customisable characters, (drummer, bass, guitar 1, guitar 2), different places to play your music, and you can play along with keys on your keyboard.
There's a tab button so you can play the music on your own.
Yeah, now you know what I mean that it's more than a flash game.
Try it yourself sometime :D
"Hey have you heard my new Punk-o-matic 2 song?"
"no but I heard it was a badass music making machine!"
by IGotResearch <3 March 28, 2022
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