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The hottest guy livin
by idk October 09, 2003

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a pimp or playa or mackin on sumone to put your moves on her
damn son ur a mak daddy

whatch me mac on dis gurl
by idk May 08, 2003

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someone who is retard, or acting retarded
Jessika, you're such a re re.
Hey! Don't be a re re.
by idk October 28, 2004

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to kill or murder; mafia term
Tony, did you whack that guy yet?
by idk October 04, 2003

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a purple person trying to act black
(see blurple)
yo word up mah pligga!
by idk October 04, 2003

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When You Are On Excessive Amounts Of Drugs Such As But Not Limited To Xanax Promethazine Codeine Molly And Etc.
Yo Man Did You See Jerry Last Night

Yea Dude I Think He Was Off Da Shitz

Yeahh He Had 2 xanaxs And Like 3 Cups

Of Lean
by IDk October 23, 2013

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Driving over the speed limit or just going insanely fast.
Mom your mobbing down this street!
by IDK December 13, 2010

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