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The game of piss circle goes like this, when you’re going take a piss you pee around the edge of the water bowl and count how many times you can circle around it before running out of pee.

Try to get a new highscore each time!
Bro 1: «Hey bro, gonna do the piss circle, wanna compete?»

Bro 2: «Yeah bro!»
by I beat my virgin kid November 21, 2019

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Prim is a Norwegian cheese. It is also known as mysost. The slightly brown cheese is made from cow's milk and has a soft spreadable texture. Cream is added towards the end of the process. The semi-sweet taste is derived from caramelizing the milk sugars of the whey as it is made.

Primost is made in the same way as Gjetost, but the whey mixture is not cooled as long. It is similar to Brunost cheese, except that Gjetost is made from a combination of goat and cow's milk or strictly goat's milk. These caramelized cheeses are often served with dark bread or Norwegian flatbread, as a dessert cheese, or as a cheese melted into a variety of food dishes.
Ari: Hey Don, do you have any Prim?
Don: No i ate it all, sorry.
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by I beat my virgin kid October 30, 2020

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Brunost is a common, Norwegian name for mysost, a family of cheese-related foods made with whey, milk, and/or cream. The term is often used to just refer to the Gudbrandsdalsost type, which is the most popular variety. Brunost is primarily produced and consumed in Norway.

Brunost and prim are related as prim is a variety of melted brunost with more sweetness to it. Prim is also very popular among the Norwegians. The most popular Brunost competators are Ari, Don and Scott with over 50,000 purchases of Brunost, they are representative of Norway's Brunost.
Scott: Did you eat all the Brunost Ari?
Ari: Yes, but i got some leftovers from Don Vo.
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by I beat my virgin kid October 30, 2020

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