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scottish word meaning unclean person or unclean act.
you just done a crap and didn't wash your hands, ewww your manky
by I P Freely November 28, 2002
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These people have NO interest in their national team UNTIL the team becomes successful. All of a sudden millions of insecure souls CLING to every victory. It's a sorry sight, but quite common in England! Glory Hunters only follow a team while the successes roll in .... once the team does badly they look to another sport or team!
The England football team is very average. The glory hunters can't get their fix from soccer so they look elsewhere. Cricket was unpopular in England before August 2005. All of a sudden the England team does well in The Ashes. WHAM! Millions of people become temporary fans, until the success fades away. These people are glory hunters! In 2003 England won the Rugby World Cup, and many people jumped on the bandwagon. By 2005 most of these people had lost interest in Rugby, as the national team wasn't performing as well.
by I P Freely September 08, 2005
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fresh marijuana
damn cuz, i got some dank buds
by i p freely November 15, 2002
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minger - a ugly person or someone carrying out a gross act.
Magaret Thatcher is a minger
by I P Freely November 28, 2002
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A person who whines and pisses about the noise coming from a local airport or racetrack. Most of these people should have known better ......
I moved next to Los Angeles International Airport in 1994, and the noise is incredible! I'm going to set up an action group. We will then complain to the local authorities and FORCE the airlines to spend MILLIONS just to keep the noise down.

(I should have used my BRAIN before purchasing a house under the flightpath! The local racetrack was here BEFORE I WAS BORN, and in actual fact has EVERY RIGHT to make noise. For some reason I didn't wonder why the house was so cheap in the first place .....)
by I P Freely August 24, 2005
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