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When you have the ability to look at an object.
I can see a boat over there
by I K March 14, 2009

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A state were a person just wants one object super badly, and can't get enough of it.
I am addicted to soda.
by I K March 15, 2009

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Something that happens in the extraordinary.
He can do some amazing things.
by I K March 15, 2009

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When you help the environment and recycle. 1 person can make a difference and don't be afraid to take the bus,because with a bus full of people, it helps by not spreading 18,500 gallons of gas.You can also walk, because study show that when you walk a mile you add 21 minutes to your life.
Did you see that she is going green because she helped plant a tree.
by I K March 15, 2009

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People that give words thumbs down on Urbandictionary.
Them haters gave my words a thumbs down on Urbandictionary
by I K April 02, 2009

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