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Similar to shoplifting (stealing) in the 3D world, COPYLIFTERS take original text from another online source and relocate it into a blog or social media page, etc. What's worse, COPYLIFTING never gives credit to the original author of such information, nor are links to the original web source provided.
I invented the word 'COPYLIFT,' and now everyone is using it online!
by I'm Already In your Database January 02, 2011
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- What many stressed-out women ask for from a doctor or beauty specialist when they need their faces to look relaxed and youthful in a hurry.
- "Forget about using TurboTax right now, I need TurBOTOX for tonight!"

- "She went to the plastic surgeon to get her face TurBOTOXED for this weekend's wedding."

- "I was TurBOTOXED earlier this week so I'd look good during the photography session."

- "You look really tired right now, and need to be TurBOTOXED immediately!"

- "I was TurBOTOXED this week, and have had immediate results! Can't you tell by looking at my face?"
by I'm Already In your Database January 23, 2011
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~ Anyone with O-Negative blood
"Look, I am an O-Neg, and I can give my blood to ANYONE!"
by I'm Already In your Database February 03, 2010
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(1) Participating in a SERIOUS organic-eating lifestyle with a partner, then later discovering that this partner is looking at "airbrushed" online or print pornography stuff outside of your relationship.

(2) A "sweet" looking female with huge boobage that visually inspires men to think about porn.
"I went online, and caught my supposedly organic boyfriend looking at High Fructose Porn Syrup!"
by I'm Already In your Database February 12, 2012
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