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It is a combination of the word boomer and a centaur.
So if someone is a boomer and a furry, then they are a boomtaur.
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A person who feels that every time he/she sees a triangle or pyramid, they have to exclaim: "ILLUMINATI! THAT SHIT IS FUCKING ILLUMINATI MAN!!" and they expect to start preaching about the NWO and all of Alex Jones's and other payed shit-stirers' misconceptions on how the horrors in the world are actually taking place.
illuminati freak : Dude! your shirt is fucking illuminati bro! It has a fucking triangle on it!

logical human being Dude, sometimes a triangle, is just a fucking triangle.
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Some Random-ass University in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania where the plague hits every weekend which forces everyone leaves and goes home.
Desales University Student: "Mom I'm home for the weekend"

Mom: "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!"
by I have nothing better to do December 10, 2018
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When you are too broke to pay someone to do work for you.
I would pay someone to fix the electrical , but i'm too broke. I guess it's a DIY project , I hope I don't get electrocuted.
by I have nothing better to do December 9, 2015
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A word created by an Indian Astronomer Ritvik Naidu to accurately describe people from the foreign planet Nunya. Naidu claims that these inferior people only say the phrases"Ok Bumtor" or "No U" to one another. Claiming that they lack the brain size to fully comprehend intelligent speech.
Ok Bumtor
by I have nothing better to do November 8, 2020
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