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The new "Politically Correct" term for those who suffer from mental disabilities or illnesses. however, it ironically sounds more insulting than simply saying that they have X illness.
"Politically Correct" Person: "Hey, Phil. Your kid is neurodivergent, right?"

Phil: "What the hell does that mean."
by HyruleOrphan December 22, 2020
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A subversion of the Midas touch, where instead of whatever the king, or in this context, company, Touches, Or acquires, turns to shit rather than gold. The term is based on Microsoft's constant acquisitions of companies that almost immediately get liquidated or produce nothing but garbage afterward.

A good example of this is Rareware, a gold standard for games on the Nintendo64, and even earlier for the SNES. Being notorious for producing a large amount of critically acclaimed games. Until Microsoft acquired them in 2002, where they essentially were a dead company afterward.

This same loop can be seen with various companies, platforms, and games bought out by them and other companies. Skype is another perfect example of this.
"I hope the Microsoft Touch doesn't get to Discord, I really don't want it to turn into Sykpe 2"
by HyruleOrphan May 13, 2021
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