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RAHUL VAIDYA FOR THE WIN is the fastest 1Million trend of BB14. Fans tweeted this as Rahul Vaidya is a fan favorite and a winner already in the eyes of Bigboss 14 fans. Rahul Vaidya is known for his open hearted personality.
by Hvash February 5, 2021
Everyone who is seeing this go to voot and vote for Rahul Vaidya. He truly deserves to win the show. Do vote from all your ids
vote for #rahulvaidya go.
by Hvash February 15, 2021
#PratikSehajpal is a contestant of BB15 who is running the whole show. He is a lone warrior. The whole house is against him. But he is a one man army and hence he doesn't give up.
#PratikSehajpal will win #BB15
by Hvash October 30, 2021
UNDISPUTED KING PRATIK is the trend done for king of #BB15
by Hvash October 30, 2021
@ColorsTV Rahul Vaidya for the win is used by RKVians for sending message to colors tv that audience want to see Rahul Vaidya as the winner. Chubina is using bots. But Rahul has genuine fans. We want Rahul as the winner.
by Hvash February 9, 2021
Sidhul is the famdom of Siddharth Shukla and Rahul Vaidya. Siddharth Shukla also supports RAHUL VAIDYA. Rahul has also supported Siddharth in his tweets. Sidhearts have join RKVians to make Rahul Vaidya win.
#Sidhul will make Rahul Vaidya win
by Hvash February 12, 2021
Rahul Vaidya is the favorite to win bb14. He is the best contestant of this season. Vote for Rahul Vaidya. RKVians will do anything to make him win.
Rahul Vaidya RULES BB14.
by Hvash February 12, 2021