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Long blinkcicidus is a mecical condition in which you blink for a longer duration then normal. Some tend to think that people with long blinkcicidus are sleeping when they are actually blinking. Because this condition makes your eyes take 4 hour hours to blink. The only known people in the World to have been infected with long blinkcicidus is Hunter Williams. So to any future girlfriends of his...no hes not sleeping hes blinking. Stop getting salty;)
That kid Hunter Williams from 5th period has long blinkcicidus
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by Hunter_9119 May 24, 2020

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In the event that something crazy happens or works out in your favor.
Kaleb: Snuck back in through the window tonight since mom was home. Have a good night man.

Hunter: Tits on!! See you tomorrow!
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by Hunter_9119 September 04, 2020

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