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A foursome but an even number of guys and ladies.
"Damn John,we had the most perfect round bed last night with those hotties!"
by Huenator August 14, 2017
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A retarded thing you probably used to do in Elementary-7th grade school lunch.
Once you open a “deathball” there is no going back and it is HELL Usually, you or a pack of kids get the parts of lunch they don’t want or ones that make the ball smell worse (Mayo,Fruit, hot sauce, cheese, milk, garlic sauce,etc.)They bunch all of the food into a opaque wrapper (chip bags,foil.), Then one of the kids proceed to bomb the girl’s table or the one across from them,claiming that there is a tasty snack in there (cookies, PB&J,ice cream). Once one of the kids accidentally notice what’s inside the ball, they are so grossed out of what is in it that they simply don’t have the ability to snitch. Once opened, they usually pass it on to another table and it keeps on going, making the joke more intense. About 15% of the time, depending on how gullible or younger they are WILL vomit.
Kid 1: Guys lets make a deathball, and pass it onto the girl’s tables because they are tattletales!
Other 4 Kids: Sure!
Kid 1:Here’s the bag.
Kid 2: Here’s the Hot sauce and mayo.
Kid 3:Here’s the carrots and ranch.
Kid 4:Here’s the chicken bone and dragon juice.
Kid 5:And heres the grapes and strawberry milk.
(Closing and bunching the bag)
Suddenly Kids 1,2,3,5:1,2,3 Not it
Kid 4: Fuck.
Kid 2: Their table is the one across from us. Tell them that there is a pack of hot chips in there!
(Kid 4 runs to the table)
Kid 4:There’s hot chips in here!
Girl 1: Thanks, now get out!
Girl 2: How stupid right!
Girl 1:Yeah, here’s a chip! (Not looking what she is reaching for)
(Suddenly she notices)
(After lunch)
Kid 5:Where’s Girl 1?
Kid 3:Out for the day.
(The five kids are laughing like hell)
by Huenator March 29, 2018
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