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very thug-like. Its roots came from rap group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony using the word "thuggish ruggish" to describe their thug-like nature.
"My deadly thugstas, brothas, thuggish ruggish--they never done take no losses, put 'em all in a coffin, ya dearly departed, better off." Bone Thugs-N-Harmony-"Tha Points"
by Howard Tan January 03, 2006

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A word originated by Lil' Wayne from the Cash Money Millionaires. He said it first on the song "Back that ass up" with Juvenile. It has 2 meanings to it. The first meaning to it means to get down and dirty on the dance floor, referring to a girl. The other meaning is to rob someone of thier belongings.
"After you back it up don't stop, dr-dr-drop, drop it like its hot" -juvenile ft. Manny Fresh and Lil' Wayne "Back That Ass Up"

"Nigga this a jackmove foo, drop it like it's hot, gimme all yo fucken money nigga"
by Howard Tan January 01, 2006

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The act of robbing someone or something.
Person1: (He has a nice throwback Bulls jersey, nice air force ones, nice Bulls hat, and a wallet full of paper.)
Person2: (at gunpoint and attempts to pull a jackmove on person 1) "BREAK YOSELF!!!take off all your gear and gimme yo wallet nigga, dis a jackmove foo, give it up mothafucka."
by Howard Tan January 05, 2006

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1) A female that flirts a lot or is considered a flirt. Numerous males desire their dingalings in her poonani, but she just fools with males minds for fun.

Some of them play the males so much they take the males money, time, and heart then spends it all and just throws it in the garbage like all triccs do.

On some occasions, the tricc may become a significant other respectivly but a non-committed one, other than that, a tricc is what is defined.

2) A very good Starcraft player. He is known as Howard Tan from the West and he will kill you in that game, don't even test. His strategies consists of murking you with towers such as protoss photon plasma cannons, zerg sunken colonies, or terran bunker rush/barrack lift and firebat rush. He also will fool you greatly for the fact he has random war tactics and his foolish record. this is why he was given the name "TRICC".
1) If a girl you are talking to seems too flirtatious, talks to too many dicks, never calls you, never does favors for you, acts like she is hiding something from you, and you may or may not of fucked her yet, most likely she is a TRICC.

2) Test tha best, you will fail. Play with Tricc and yo dicc become a pussy in an instant. Come find me, west coast, starcraft, find me.....TRICC
by Howard Tan May 31, 2007

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A slang term to befriend someone or try to get closer to someone.
Example 1:
Person 1: "I had beef wid that foo cuz i knew he was gonna fuck me up so I gained pounds wid him so he can back me up instead.

Example 2:
Person 1: "Ey foo, check out that chick over there. GO gain pounds wid her nigga"
Person 2: "Aight my dude, Imma go gain pounds wid her then"
by Howard Tan April 27, 2006

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A slang acronym meaning to fight, whether it is a 1on1 fight or a rumble, to exchange hands. Swabbling must involve physical contact, verbal slurs is not considered swabbling.
Person 1: "Waz' good nigga? Heard yo bitch ass got beef wit me, wassup nigga, i got the twin eagles hanging down my crotch nigga, waz' good?"

Person 2: "Yo waz' good witchu fam? You think you big time? Fuckin' wit me nigga, I got the 12 guage pump, you gon' die big time dun."

Person 1: "Fuck gatz, lets swabble then nigga."
by Howard Tan May 31, 2007

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A mixture of gin and hennesy. It orginated from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony rap artist, Krayzie Bone using this term in some of his songs.
You add some gin then mix it with hen, and you get this drink which I call "sin"
by Howard Tan January 01, 2006

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