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*.* This guy is 1/4 of AAR!
Oh so cool, and very nice looking!!
Saw them live, and his hair was rocking!!! He has one mighty do!
Nick Wheeler rocks *.*
'WOW Nick Wheeler did the lip thing when he was rocking on stage!!!'
by Hollie November 28, 2003

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a girl who can deep throat a toothbrush and gives lots of incredible head.. preferably named Laura(duq)
Damn! Look at oral b, she gettin him off in a min flat, shes a damn pro!
by hollie January 10, 2005

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A cool band who toured with The All-American Rejects.
'Justin from Limbeck is..*WOW!*'
by Hollie November 28, 2003

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It was an idea i had when i was on the phone to the bestest person on the planet lol! It is slang for that hole u piss out of.
haha that's the wrong hole you fool, that's my piddle pipe!!

i pee from my piddle pipe.

i just secreted urine from my piddle pipe.
by Hollie March 13, 2005

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Comes from the french for "super cool"
Hey did you go to the concert? It was superg cool.
by Hollie May 13, 2004

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Lol chabaz! The french term for 'to earn' or in a loners case..... to earn respect. Aka tiff! Lololololol lyl!
Tiff.... pour gagner!
by Hollie October 19, 2004

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The process in which a young lad goes through 'gay cravings' such as Queer Eye 4 Da Straight Guy' re-runs, hanging around London wit gay men and dressing like George M!
I'm going through a pooftaismeonican stage in my life!
by Hollie October 08, 2004

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