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1. (n) a short, fat horse or pony with wiskers, most likely resembling a cow
2. (pwowish)(adj) of or relating to defective horses
1. holy pwow! me wiskers are aflame!
(in pirates accent)
2. ...the pwowish horde of the french-candanian army
by Hobonik December 21, 2004

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(n)A really frikkin big dog. So frikkin big, it looks like a horse. Yeah, thats right, this is one big dog. Can you say bigggggg?? Hell, you could mount this puppy and ride him through the wild west. So big, his sneeze, would cover an entire city in snot. SOO FRIKKIN BIG, he carries his own zipcode. So biggg, the area of his his sombrero, could give shade to frenchcanadia. Sooo big that clifford the big red dog (remember that bastard?) is his bitch. So big, that when he gets hit by buses, he says "who threw that rock?". So big, that his water dish comes with a life guard. So big that his "free willy" is the size of free willy (remember that bastard?)! Listen,this is one big dorse, and dont you forget it.
1) A ding dang dorse do dah...(sing rapidly while strumming a mandolin)
2) ...He was hung like a race dorse
3)A ding dang dorse do dah...(oh wait, i said that...)
by Hobonik January 01, 2005

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