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Dance made famous by University of Kentucky basketball player John Wall. When introduced at Big Blue Madness 2009, he indulged in the cheers by doing a simple dance where he flexed his arm to the left, then to the right all with one hand.
Me: yo. wanna know what gets the girls?
Friend: what?
Me: the john wall dance!
Friend: The one where you flex your arms left and right?
Me: You got it!
by HitStick93 March 01, 2010

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The nickname for New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, coined by none other than Snoop Dogg.
Q: Who's the best quarterback in the NFL?
A: You already know! My man Drew Breezy.
by HitStick93 January 24, 2010

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Referring to one's vertical jumping abilities, useful for conversations regarding sports such as basketball or football where a high vertical jump is used to one's advantage.
Aye, my manz Nate Robinson got them roos son! He jumped over Dwight Howard like it was nothing.
by HitStick93 May 04, 2010

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acronym for "like shit boi"

shit can be spelled in different ways

Ex. shidd, shid, shyt, etc.

boi also can be spelled in different ways
Ex. boy, boii, etc.
how does your neck support your head lsb
aye, u dumb lsb
wow, yall cheated lsb
by HitStick93 October 10, 2010

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similar to awkward turtle, denoting the occurance of an awkward situation.

the beached whale is performed by placing one hand on top of the other, face up, and thumbs rotating.
JB walked into a room full of naked hispanic men, all playing the flute while whipping each other with palm leaves.

To alleviate the awkward situation, JB starts to freestyle rap. This makes the entire situation even more awkward, and the naked hispanic men all begin to do the beached whale.
by HitStick93 April 06, 2010

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