5 definitions by Hippiechick

1) A pine cone dipped in peanut butter, rolled in Cheerios and hung from a tree or porch to feed squirrels.

2) Sexual act involving breakfast cereal, in which peanut butter is smeared on a vagina, and then it's rolled in Cheerios. For full effect, display spread eagle on front or back porch, or underneath a tree where squirrels are often seen.

(Lesbians should use Fruit Loops instead of Cheerios.)
Environmentally conscious boyfriend: Yeah, we wanted to do our part to help the wildlife, so after we fucked I turned her pussy into a squirrel feeder.
by Hippiechick May 13, 2013
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Adjective or noun: A dance used to attract a mate; dance moves that exude extreme sex appeal; a person who maintains a high level of eroticism through suggestive and stimulating dance moves.
Man, I haven't been laid in ages. Let's go out tonight so I can dance like a Jordie Pants!
by Hippiechick May 06, 2012
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A term used to describe the guys who wear polo shirts with a popped collar, have perfectly spiked hair, and look as if they've spent 2 hours in front of a mirror--basically the preppy guys of this world who think their shit don't stink. The term hollister is used just like one would use the terms hippie, freak, nerd, or slut when describing a person.
Man, he's a hollister!!!

What a hollister!

As two friends are walking past a well groomed and egotistical guy they turn to each other and exclaim, "HOLLISTER!"
by Hippiechick July 29, 2005
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A phrase used when something bad or unpleasant happens.
Person A: Man, today I hit a deer and totalled my car out!!!

Person B: Oooh, no good ernie!!!
by Hippiechick July 29, 2005
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A term used to describe the pulpy particles of oranges found in some types of orange juice. (pl. Beetlies)
A little kid cries to his mom, "Waah!! Ewwwie!! There are too many beetlies in this orange juice!!"
by Hippiechick July 29, 2005
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