3 definitions by Hippieboy42069

On April 24 you gotta rub that clit till she be shaking you got days to grab tits and ass you also gotta mess with the other parts of the body. You can’t stop until she fully made her pants turn from grey to black from being so wet.
by Hippieboy42069 April 23, 2019
On November 3-9 you can grab any girls ass without permission as many times as you want even if they don’t like it
“Bro look at her thick ass

“I can grab it it’s national grab what you want week so we can do it all week”

“So I can grab her tits too”

by Hippieboy42069 November 4, 2019
Horny fucks wanna grab some tits but can’t with out an excuse hey now you can it national grab boobs day.

Girls get days to grab dick why can’t we grab tits
“What’s today’s national holiday” said Dave “national grab boobs day” said Amy “oh I’m gonna grab your tits now” “please don’t” “ to bad it’s national grab boobs day” ”fine”.
by Hippieboy42069 April 12, 2019