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a person who likes takes pictures of them
in the bathroom or anywhere they can find.

They like putting their pictures on
the web.

To make them more pop and more well know
on the web but sadly they may not be popular
in the world .
I'm such a Camera Whore!
I 'm talking pictures in my bathroom!
by HillBill March 26, 2007

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A band from Liverpool,England in the 1960s and John Lennon Name the band (The Beatles) and they have so many good songs that I like and people today really don't like them but they are good!I can't wonder why they are not like because they are old but they are good! John Lennon got shot in 1980 by a dude that was crazy in new york (i think).
Hey Jude,I wanna Hold Your Hand,Yellow Submarine,Revolution is my fav songs and I think their best songs at all of the Beatles songs

R.I.P. John Lennon (1940-1980)
they were the best band in the world!!
Best Rock N' Roll Band ever!!
by hillbill October 26, 2006

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A music Channel that does not Have any good music at all and they need to get ride of it!
they play music that is "Crap"!
MTV stands for Music Television and Blink 182 is not punk its white guys raping!
by hillbill October 26, 2006

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