4 definitions by Hey Steve

A weirdo who posts two definitions which are almost identical. See: holy crap
Hi my name is Uhh...Patrick and i'm a goon
by Hey Steve June 6, 2003
The process of shortening words and adding numbers to a text message, to make it "cooler". This form of text messaging is highly annoying and can also be used to sell "trendy" products like 50cc scooters and mobile phones. Often involves leaving out all vowels.
1) Txtspk is sooooo cool
2) -RU cmin out 2nite?
-Yeah luv 2 m8, wot time?
-bout 8ish. mt u in twn
-gr8. cu then
3) Only 13 year olds use textspeak
by Hey Steve June 2, 2003
a funny cartoon on homestarrunner.com the charcters on that cartoon is a mix between a cow and a helacopter, hey steve,a talking wheelchair, and strong bad with a key board on his head.
by Hey Steve August 27, 2003
A vegetarian, who is not content with others eating meat around him/her. May try to influence there 'traditional' ways with photos of mutilated animals and moan when his/her things are used in conjunction with meat products.
1) "Goddammit, that Katherine is a militant vegetarian"

2) Militant vegetarians should be burned at the stake, over a pile of foot and mouth infested cattle
by Hey Steve June 2, 2003