The process of shortening words and adding numbers to a text message, to make it "cooler". This form of text messaging is highly annoying and can also be used to sell "trendy" products like 50cc scooters and mobile phones. Often involves leaving out all vowels.
1) Txtspk is sooooo cool
2) -RU cmin out 2nite?
-Yeah luv 2 m8, wot time?
-bout 8ish. mt u in twn
-gr8. cu then
3) Only 13 year olds use textspeak
by Hey Steve June 2, 2003
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acronyms commonly used during informal conversation happening via an instant messenger
grandma: I cant understand these whippersnappers and their textspeak!

grandpa: yea! whats with all these LOLs and IRLs!?
by SAM-SEI July 14, 2019
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