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The female equivalent to Testicular Fortitude. A woman who has "guts" or who is brave in the face of adversity.
Despite the fact that there were no other women at the job interview, Lisa had the Labial Longitude to stay and apply for the position.
by HecklnDecalr September 6, 2010
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when your so bored with life that you just spend money to make your life seem more exciting.
ben: what did you do this weekend man?

craig: i went and applied for a future shop card and bought a new 3d tv and a ps3. also went and got a dirtbike....

ben: you already have a 60" led flat panel, and you live in the middle of the city, why did you go and get all that shit?

craig: i dunno, nothin to do.......was bored to debt
by HecklnDecalr June 2, 2010
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someone who does nothing. Sits around all day with their thumb up there ass to the knuckle.
Paul: Hey Todd, did you get that work done that you were supposed to do?

Todd: Aww, meant to, but didn't get around to it yet, sorry dude.

Paul: Yur a fuckin shit knuckle Todd, get to work!
by HecklnDecalr March 19, 2010
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Ridiculously tight legged jeans. Another term for skinny jeans. They were most commonly worn by people belonging to the "punk" genre back when punk WAS actually punk. Now can be found on almost every femininely slender legged teen.
Evan: WOW! now those are some seriously tight ankle biters Todd. Are you really gonna try and tell me those are comfortable to wear?

Todd: Gotta look good for my (insert genres of music some asshole mashed together) gig tonight. Gonna be some hot ladies there that I'm gonna try and hook up with!!

Evan: Um....when they're 16 and under we call them "girls", not "ladies" Todd.
by HecklnDecalr June 17, 2010
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