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a person who you are unsure of :
1. friend/fiend!!
2. cheerful/irritating!!
Ann: Hey Josh seems to be liking you a lot lately!

Slater: Ahh, i dunno, hez a chinapet!
by Haris July 10, 2004

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hars and scars type of damage would be relating to something like a HERO of an action movie where the lead actor has been shot, hit, kicked, screwed and still surviving and fighting till he is victorious. An extreme version of being bruised!
He was bruised ie., he was in hars and scars all over after the fight!
by Haris May 03, 2004

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1. Close supportive female pal minus the intimacy
2. Slang (synonymous) - girlfriend
1. Joe: How did get through these tough times when you were so financially down?

Robert: Well, I did have tough times but my sweet old galpal Dorica was always by my side

2. 'zup folks - meet my galpal, Angela! Smack!
by Haris March 10, 2005

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A "jattish" voice would be a squeaky suppressed voice where it appears as if someone has put a foot on your throat while you are talking!
He yelled from inside the trunk of my car in a jattish voice!
by Haris May 03, 2004

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