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A Religious affiliation of believers for Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance. An organization publicized by Facebook's group application.

The Way Pamphlets read as follows:

He has sung unto us the divine path on which we, His loving followers, shall accompany Him on.
This, my sisters and my brothers, is The Way.

Their taglines include:
"The Way welcomes all new members with a chemical embrace."
"The Way or the highway."
"Three Cheers for The Way."

Members of The Way is known to make references to My Chemical Romance songs to purify their day-to-day living, and to also strengthen their faith.
Cecilia (Pamphlet Hander-outer):
"My sisters and brothers let us pray
For He shall save us from decay
Follow His guidance don't delay
Invite others to join The Way today."

Steven: Um, I'm already a member of the church...

Cecilia: Now I know, that I can't make you stay.
But where's your heart?

Steven: I'm sorry, I don't think you understood me. I have to go now.

Cecilia: TRUST ME!

Steven (to friend): Yo, that chick is crazy. What the hell?

Friend: It's not the church, it's The Way. No man, you're not in this alone, let me break this awkward silence.

Cecilia: My brother...

Steven: Oh my god, you're one of them?!
by Har the Czar November 11, 2007

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A combination of Kung-fu, a Chinese martial art; and Confucius, a Chinese philosopher. It is a diss aimed toward fellow yellows to tell each other they have no skill. In rare occasions it expresses admiration toward one Asian and is used as a proper noun. It is pronounced with an Asian accent, while still keeping a gangster-ness to it. It is used most often within a crowd of Asians (AZN) or by a White person who has no clue what they're saying and thinks they're Asian and/or Black.
Brian: Yo you ain't got no Kung-fu Shiss. What you tryin' to prove?
Mr.Cho: ...
Ms.Lee: You're the bomb-diggety Kung-fu Shiss.
Kung-fu Shiss: Hell yes.
by Har the Czar February 08, 2006

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when any noun (person/place/thing/act/event/etc) is so epic that it would cause one to orgasm
Ruko: Hey, did you see Joan's jizz shirt today?
Hiro: It's as if she's not wearing ANYTHING...SO jizz.

Ruko: Yo, you goin' to that jizz party tonight?
Hiro: I don't know man, if Joan's coming...then maybe
Ruko: Coming? You bet!
Hiro: Jizz.
by Har the Czar April 26, 2009

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