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It's a piece of word that Dio Brando from an anime called "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" shouts all the time.

It's also a very popular meme on 4can. It first appeared in a flash film called "mudah.swf". This flash shows a stickman that throws a steamroller on another stickman and screams "WRYYYYY"
-Dio Brando

qwerqwer1234.hp.infoseek.co.jp/mudah/mudah.swf <-- click on "THE WORLD" to see the example
by Happy Negro May 01, 2005
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A Speedhack is a single program or a codestring packed into a multihack. It makes you move and attack faster. BUT: You need a fast Processor to get decent running/attacking speeds because the speeding depends on how fast your CPU is and it isn't helpful in Singleplayer games, because everything (enemies) gets faster.

Speedhacks are commomly used in counterstrike to piss tarded CS players off. Those hacks are very rare in other games.

If this hack is combined with an aimbot, it's the ultimate solution to ruin the average cs nerd's fun, ergo his complete life.
-average CS nerd
by Happy Negro May 01, 2005
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It's an Enemy in a game called Kiss: Psycho Circus. He got a target on his big stomach and a cannon as a replacement for his right under arm.
"Oh noes! That fat ball buster killed me again!"
by Happy Negro May 02, 2005
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