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Hawaiian pidgin describing and/or classifying a male based on their displayed personality traits.

"Moke" can be used to describe a male (usually of Hawiian descent, and/or from/living in Hawaii) who exhibits traits of outgoing, personality type "B", and/or "bully" style behavior.

Males that cause others to cross the street to avoid them may sometimes be called "mokes".

Percieved "bullies" may sometimes be called "mokes".

Agressive, while not always violent behavior, may be exhibited. At the same time, verbal opinions, points of view, comments, and/or exclamations will be expressed using the commonly accepted, Hawaiian pidgin dialect.

While the term "moke" invokes images of negative connotations, this may not always be the case.

Bouncers, security, older brothers/cousins that don't like you trying to date their little sisters/cousins may also be wrongly classified as "mokes", due to the fact that they usually scare the user.

Field workers
Her uncle that hates you
The neighborhood kid who wanna be da kine badd ass
Pot smokers/famers
Pitbull Owners (this includes other "bad ass" breeds as well)
Guys that typically cause fear without ever speaking to them
The guys that laughed and/or picked on you in school for being a kook

...are usually labled "mokes".

Use your imagination to determine what a "moke-ette" can be.
Fo real, J-boy wanna be one kine moke now dat his braddah jes got out.

by Hapawannabe December 06, 2007

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