4 definitions by HankHill69

Drivers knee is common among truckers and delivery drivers it occurs when one’s knee has extra pressure in it causing the knee to hurt from pressing the gas for too long at a sitting angle the best way to get rid of the pressure is by spraying cum into as truckers call it a lot lizard or as delivery drivers call it a street whores twat
I have a bad case of drivers knee
by HankHill69 October 25, 2022
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This term refers to a type of female commonly found at a Waffle House or dennys these “women” often try to have sex with truckers, Amazon drivers, and even garbage men going in for an early morning bite before the morning trash pickup
I got herpes from a Mississippi fuck pig
by HankHill69 December 15, 2022
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The sexual act of fucking a girl in the ass the cumming on her back and forming the Red Sox logo out of your cum
I gave this broad the Boston style back shot
by HankHill69 October 9, 2022
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