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Someone who will fuck anything, anywhere, anytime.
While advising mates in the pub etc...
"Stay away from Sue she's a complete fuck pig."
by Bex May 05, 2004
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A young trashy, overweight, short, girl who compensates for her lack of beauty by being promiscuous.
"Did you find anyone good at the party last night?"

"No I settled for that little fuckpig Amy"
by Maestro33 March 16, 2009
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a sex object - an indiviudal on whom intense sexual energy is focussed.
"i want to marry her and make her my fuckpig."
by thomas stearns August 06, 2003
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A girl that is only good for sex, usually overweight. A fat or 'rubinesque' booty call. Similar to a 'moped' but more specific.
"Man, look at her scarf that burger. I bet she could eat a mean cock, she'd make a perfect Fuckpig."

"I was going over to Hillary's but she bailed. Instead I called my Fuckpig and she's coming over to pick me up."
by Rick010203040506 December 15, 2008
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