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arranging a woman's labia like the petals of a flower; adding the hand of Man to Nature's beauty
Lover 1: Was there, for you, any special moment last night?
Lover 2: Yes - my moment of flower arranging; seeing your cunt at its most beautiful, then kissing your flower like your lips in your face.
Lover 1: Wonderful for me too.
by Hammerklavier August 15, 2013
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any sexual turn-off, especially a strong one which makes contraception irrelevant
Man texting: Can I come round tonight and, maybe, stay the night? I know you’re mid-month but we can be careful.

Woman replying: Yes, do come - it would be lovely to see you. But - sorry to disappoint you - I’m having my period.

Man: Argh, God! That’s so contrasexive. But I’ll come round anyway.
by Hammerklavier December 04, 2014
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