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The Swallow Is the Bird most sought after for its great pleasure
All men Love A Good Swallow
by Hamish Bond June 09, 2006
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Fantastic Nation East of Ireland and South of Norway of Haggis Munching Commando Bollocked Handsome Devils.
Natural Enemies of The SassenachsEnglishwe eventualy got sick of beating the shit out of them,so now we live in an uneasy truce for now, called The United Kingdomon the island of Great Britain.But That will change shortly when we decide to flush the fuckers down south like a rancid turdand become independent again.
Scotland has guys who don't wear underwear in winter and drink whisky neat! Real Men!
by Hamish Bond June 07, 2006
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flizbot is a perfect example of the gulf between men and women.a Garter Belt IS Sexy ask any man!
A girl in stockings and garter belt is a sight to behold
by Hamish Bond June 08, 2006
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Scotland's National Football Stadium and home to Third Division amateur team Queens ParkWho have played at Hampden since 1883.The current Hampden is actually the Third Ground to proudly bear the name.
Founded in 1903 this famous ground has bore witness to many fine victories and defeats!Underwent Major Redevelopment in the 90's and is now one of UEFA's 5 star rated Stadiums.Not bad considering in the 70's it had become so rundown that it was referred to as 'The largest toilet in Scotland'
Hampden Park was the First Football Stadium in the world and Largest untill 1950.
Record Attendances:
1937 - 149,547 : Scotland v England - highest in Europe
1937 - 146,433 : Celtic v Aberdeen - highest for a club match in Europe
1970 - 136,505 : Celtic v Leeds United (European Cup Semi-Final) - highest for a UEFA competition match
1960 - 135,000 : Real Madrid v Eintracht Frankfurt - Highest For a European Cup Final
by Hamish Bond June 15, 2006
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The Year The Fuckin English Bleat on about ALL THE TIME ,and more so every four years around World Cup Time.Apparantly they won a few games of football(soccer) all in a row at their Home Ground some 40 or more years ago!!and cheated the Germans in the Final!
Immediately after being crowned world Champs Scotland took them on at their Home Ground and Beat them 3-2 IN 1967 That Same year Scottish club Celtic Became the first team from the British Isles To Be Champions of Europe European cup
1966 was a bad year for football 1967 was much BETTER
by Hamish Bond July 30, 2006
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Microsofts Latest Weapon to combat FireFox.The New Internet Explorer,
In Beta testing (at time of writing)
any good? = YES much improved over ie6 Seems to download pages faster.
Firefox you Have Competition at last.
I downloaded Internet Explorer 7 and it rocks!
by Hamish Bond June 09, 2006
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