2 definitions by Haleybabyyy

Short/slang for rocket. A total ten. Completely perfect, the ideal woman or man.
Guy 1: "Damn. That girl's body is redonculous
Guy 2: "And look at that smile."
Guy 1: "She's a friggin rocko."
by Haleybabyyy October 19, 2013
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The kind of guy who is totally irresistable, with fine facial features that make women stare. His body is insane, with a perfect balance of muscle tone and mass. His laugh makes you wonder if laughs are supposed to be so sexy and his loud and confident brovado swoons you, even when it annoys you. He's hilarious and is a total kid with his friends. He likes to party but he is surprisingly sensitive with a kind of maturity you wouldn't expect. He's a complete rocko and he can't stop it.
Girl 1: "Damn, who's that dimepiece?"
Girl 2: "Idk. But he is fine as hell."
Girl 3: "His name must be Thomas cuz his hotness won't quit."
by Haleybabyyy October 19, 2013
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