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is a insanely intelligent guy but nit necessarily that book smart. He can think of crazy ways to explain other Dimensions
is under 5 seconds (and good ones to). He loves to think about crazy shit and doesn't care if he has lots of money in the future. All he cares about is having fun and learning as much as he can about the world. He is also a huge huge huge Beatles and John Lennon solo fan.
Hale likes to stare at the night sky in Mexico at about 12 at night and listen to Beatles music.
by Hale Rothery January 30, 2008
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Religion is the most unbelievable idea thats ever existed. Humans have come so far but we still believe in it. Yes the thought of religion has helped many people, but the whole religion thing has killed hundreds of millions of people. There have been thousands of wars thanks to people who take Religion really seriously. Even world war 2 was partially cause by religion.
Religion,the crusades, most terrorists, World War 2
Religion has killed hundreds of millions of people.
by Hale Rothery January 29, 2008
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