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A place where kids learn to become assholes in the future. A place where teachers are tired and don’t give a shit about the students so they try to hide it by giving you a bad grade, calling you out, or making you do stupid activities and projects and presenting them. A place where standardized tests is the only thing that will make you go to the next grade level. A place where kids and teenagers are too afraid to stand up for themselves and what’s right because of pure pressure, anxiety, or being judged harshly by others. A place where being anti social and not participating makes you a “target". A place where bullying and doing drugs isn’t so bad but school shootings, fights, and kids murdering other kids is “BAD"; and they wonder why those things happen in the first place. Hears the deal, if your parents can’t afford to take you too a good private school or they just don’t give a fuck, don’t go too an actual school at all. There are plenty of opportunities to do homeschooling or attending an online schooling system, and trust me, dropping out isn’t the best option for some people. Don’t even think about going to college either, because it’s the same fucking way, except you actually have a choice.
Public School Kid: fuck school in general
by HackerHacker February 05, 2019
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