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travel-kemping, is the act of travelling to developing countries to carry out kemping with the local women. In many cases this is pre-arranged with both parties. But a travel-kemper will also look to women of the night
I'm bored of going to the beach for my holidays, this year i'm going travel-kemping.
by HRH_BUTLER March 9, 2010
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To S.U.G.I is to 'Slowly Undertake with Grievance and Irritation' and refers to the practice of hanging out, over deliberating or putting off a job.
Person1: "Have you looked into this yet?"
Person2: "No, im going to s.u.g.i it."
by HRH_BUTLER March 9, 2010
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A person who travels exceptionally long distances, at great expense, to watch second rate football or tennis. Stands for 'Poor Game Journeyman'
Joe: "You comming to watch spurs play this weekend?"
Paul: "No, I'm going to watch Palace play Middlesbrough away"
Joe: "Don't be such a PGJ!"
by HRH_BUTLER March 8, 2010
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To make fun of, pester and annoy those around you. Normally through the childish use of farts, alcohol hand rub, reckless driving, strategic microwaving, corridor warrioring, belming, silly noises and SDing.
Matt to Joe: "Shh but I have just put a load of handrub on the stairs"
Paul: "You BASTARDS, how many times must I constantly fall for this!! I bet someone has been howelling."
by HRH_BUTLER March 8, 2010
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