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To S.U.G.I is to 'Slowly Undertake with Grievance and Irritation' and refers to the practice of hanging out, over deliberating or putting off a job.
Person1: "Have you looked into this yet?"
Person2: "No, im going to s.u.g.i it."
by HRH_BUTLER March 09, 2010
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pronounced SOO(as in "soon")-GEE(as in "geese"); used to describe someone or something who is very pretty, and knows it too.
Damn, that girl is sugi!

Did you see that sugi dunk by Dwyane Wade?

I wish all these Christmas lights were so sugi!
by J Money for Three June 28, 2006
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an indian folk dance derived from young teen BMM's an epidemic which has spread through NY streets....NPHS halls...and who knows where can't stop the craze
1. Let's go SUGI
2. What are those BMMers doing?
- Oh...just sugi-ing
by BMMLover03 November 17, 2003
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an india folk dance that is uncontrolably cool and young teens break out in it while roaming NY streets or NPHS halls...its crazy...try it
1. Hey, let's go sugi
2. What are they doing?...ohhh just normal kids..
by BMM lover 03...haha November 17, 2003
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