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large protruding dick
i was down chillin wit my brother when i took out hishee and put this bitch in a coma
by hishee March 28, 2005
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hishee..a common individual in the state of new jersey who indeed does infact have a large cac that everyone talks about. if hishee was a penis he'd be the biggest penis around.
yea hes got a big one..hishees on top of thangs
by hishee March 08, 2005
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THe act of being one modda in the streets of wayne New Jersey. This can be used Interchangebly for any word in the dictionary.
HIshee: what u do today
nigger: YO MuDDA
by HIshee October 22, 2004
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when you take the cac and you ram it into the poo area (booty area)
Yo last night i was poodacac this ho from the club
by HIshee October 14, 2004
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