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On the same token as Pig latin, yet the "A" sound is substituted for "izz" or "izzle" though it can be placed anywhere in the word not just the end.
English: Fuck you
Nig Latin: Fizzuck Yizzou

English: Suck a male camel's dick with miracle whip

Nig Latin: Sizzuck a Mizzale Cizzamels dizzick with mizziracle whizzip
by H to the o-s-s October 03, 2004

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Big blingy wheels. See Blingwad etc..
I saw a Cutlass the other week that had 22 inch bling rings on it. That shit was DOPE AS FUCK
by H to the o-s-s August 13, 2005

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The male version of laffytaffy
In a similar way that gock is the male version of a gunt
He was shaking his scapulataffy before he teabagged that bitch.
by H to the O-S-S December 02, 2006

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Flashy rims that you would see on a ghetto hooptie, something that Bubb Rubb would most definitely drive WOO WOOOOOO!!!!11
Damn, I think that be Bubb Rubb driving that whip with the Hooptie hoops on it.
by H to the o-s-s August 13, 2005

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To ride
to be given a ride
to drive
Yo Bob, gangsta Billy needs you to hooptie him over to the bonnie

I'm gonna hooptie my ass over there in a couple minutes

Yo, can you give me a hooptie to the liquor store?
by H to the O-S-S March 27, 2004

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